Attention, exceptional coffee!

Much like wine, great coffee is measured by the quality of the coffee beans, the relationship between different types of coffee and different growing areas.

Both drinks cannot be made by machines and need a “special touch” in order to ensure the quality of the end product.

The greatest responsibility of the roaster is to maintain a high quality control system during the whole process in order to give maximum potential to each bean.


Come and discover our exclusive Rejwan coffee capsules and experience the true taste of exceptional coffee.

Fruit of 100 years of experience of a visionary master roaster who has passed on his know-how over the generations, Rejwan coffee capsules will delight your palate, for a renewed experience with each tasting.


Strength 4

Strength 6

Strength 9


Whether it comes in beans, ground by us or instant (freeze-dried), Rejwan gives the greatest care to its coffee.

By importing the best types of coffee beans to create the best blend of beans, craftsmanship takes coffee to new heights.

Each bean has its own optimal roasting time and heating temperature, which raises the quality of this black nectar to a new level.

Instant coffee

Coffe beans

Ground coffee


Taste Rejwan instant coffee pods and rediscover the sensation of an authentic Espresso, without the need for a machine.

Rejwan retains all the aroma of its fresh coffee beans so that you feel all the intensity of the exceptional beans that make up this blend.

Soluble instant coffee